AFM 34

Asbestos-free gasket material. It contains aramide fibers, inorganic fillers and other high-temperature resistant substances which are bonded with high strength and especially gas-tight under increased pressure and increased temperature.

AFM 30

Is conformable and exhibits excellent mechanical/thermal resistance, as shown by its high value of residual stress.

AFM 37

Is an ecomomical gasket material. It exhibits good sealability in contact with gases and fluids, combined with good conformability.

AFM 39/2

The gasket material is physiologically safe and does not contain any colour pigments. 

AFM 38

The most economical gasket material in the AFM range. The material which is resistant to oils and solvents is characterized by its very high compressibility and flexibility as well as outstanding gas sealability.


Sheets manufactured with pure expanded graphite, not requiring any kind of binder, fiber or filling material.