As a specialised manufacturer of gaskets in the non-metallic area, Euro-Juntas manufactures standard gaskets or under customer’s requirements with a modern and specialised machinery.

We have several production departments:

  • Small parts, any size greater than 2 mm.
  • Medium parts, from 15 mm. to 400 mm.
  • Long parts, up to 3.000 mm.

Our quality gaskets are produced using these materials:

  • Compressed sheet material for gaskets
  • Rubber
  • Cork-rubber
  • Mica
  • PTFE
  • Paper for temperatures up to 1.260º C.
  • Board for temperatures up to 1.260º C.
  • Graphite
  • Cellular rubber

We provide the quality needed by the customer. Check our product range here:

  • Gaskets for flanges and fittings.
  • Gaskets for valves, gas meters.
  • Gaskets for petrochemical.
  • Gaskets for compressors.
  • Gaskets for radiators, water meters.
  • Gaskets for high temperature