AFM 38 is an asbestos-free gasket material. It consists of aramide fibers and other asbestos substitutes that are resistant to high temperatures and are processed with high-grade elastomers under elevated pressure and temperature.


AFM 38 is the most economical gasket material in the AFM range. The material which is resistant to oils and solvents is characterized by its very high compressibility and flexibility as well as outstanding gas sealability. AFM 38 ensures very effective sealing even under low surface pressure


  • for sealed joints that are subjected to low mechanical and thermal stress
  • for sealing lightweight components with comparatively low surface pressure, e.g. valve covers, oil pans and covers in IC engines
  • for transmissions, pumps, apparatus, and pipelines in the fittings and sanitary fields.
  • for sealing engine, transmission, hydraulic and refrigerating oils, fuels, and solvents
  • for sealing water as well as mixtures of water and antifreeze & corrosion inhibitors

As standard, both sides of AFM 38 are coated with a non-stick, high-friction layer that greatly facilitates disassembly. In most cases, additional surface treatment is unnecessary

Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL)
Approval for shipbuilding